Why should you choose c.a.p.e. IT?

Everything from a single source

We are suppliers, service providers and consultants in one. Our in-house team is always at your side in all processes, from planning to implementation and through to support.

Proximity to the customer

We understand our craft and we understand you. We analyse your very specific needs and implement your industry or company requirements promptly in individual solutions tailor-made for you.

Service is our passion

Our experience and enthusiasm are reflected in the reliability and quality of our services and products. With ITL certification and maintenance, we speak your language.

What do our customers value most about c.a.p.e. IT?

Continuity of our products

As a former service provider, we know how things are and what requirements our customers have. For years, we have been developing our own products consistently and continuously in house.

Active product design

As a c.a.p.e. IT customer, you are involved in the product design. Is there a feature that could make your service even more effective? We will implement it.

Transparent prices

With us, you know what you are buying. We have no nested pricing models or hidden costs. And our services are well worth what you pay.

Our history

c.a.p.e. IT GmbH, based in Chemnitz, was founded in 2006 as a spin-off of an international IT system house. As an independent company, we have been dedicating ourselves to service management for more than 10 years and understand how to combine the advantages of enterprise IT with the pragmatic requirements of medium-sized businesses.

2006 - Coming together on common ground

Four dedicated IT professionals with a shared passion: IT service and open source. What at first seemed like a fixation became a vision. They left the corporation where they were previously employed and set up their own company, taking on two offices in the Chemnitz Technology Centre. c.a.p.e. IT got involved in the Linux-Verband (Linux Association) right at the start.

2008 – Growth and the first “KIX”

c.a.p.e. IT was already growing in 2008: due to high demand and healthy order books, two employees were taken on – earlier than originally planned. They supported the company founders in realising the first major customer implementations. The first version of what is now known as “KIX” – then called CiCS – was created. This allowed the company to continue to grow, strengthen marketing and sales and establish a network.

2011 – Eventful times

It became necessary to rename the product: CiCS became KIX4OTRS. The company continued to grow with the demands of its customers. In addition, c.a.p.e. IT was one of the founding members of the Open Source Alliance, the successor of the Linux-Verband. To cater for increased demands and increasing specialisation, c.a.p.e. IT started to concentrate on the further development of its products and customer service.

2014 – Relocation to schönherr.fabrik

There were now already more than fifteen employees working for the company. This growth required new structures, new work processes and new premises. c.a.p.e. IT moved into the Schönherr Fabrik, a former factory converted for mixed commercial use, and designed the rooms according to the company philosophy – with plenty of space for new ideas. IT visionaries in a traditional and impressive building.

End of 2014 – The crucial question

KIX4OTRS was by now the largest community module for the OTRS service system. Much time was being spent on porting to upstream versions. At the user conference, our customers approached us with the crucial question: Spin-off – yes or no?! c.a.p.e. IT said “yes” and opted for its own independent product.

2015/2016 – KIX4OTRS became KIX

The restructuring from an OTRS service provider to an independent software manufacturer brought with it new processes and new risks. But we were up to the challenge and focussed on our product development. Customers, partners and community were supportive. The new KIX was presented at CeBIT and Hannover Messe. The response was terrific. Based on this success, we tackled new add-on modules. After all, KIX was capable of more than just IT service.

2016/2017 – More space for new ideas

As a result of the company’s success, c.a.p.e. IT continued to grow rapidly, in terms of both personnel and space. There was another move to larger premises and the company was expanding. An office was opened in Dresden. This provided a better set-up for software development and product management. c.a.p.e. IT gained new distribution partners and strengthened the community.

Customer testimonials

"Cape IT offered us more flexibility than we might have expected from large providers."

Frank Dressel, IT Manager, SHKRO Rodewisch

"It’s definitely a relationship of colleagues. They take us seriously, understand our problems and plans, and help us along.“

Dieter Stolte, IT-Service; Deutsche BKK, Wolfsburg

"c.a.p.e. IT has always been quick in creating the right implementation for our ideas. This level of customisation based on our ideas would probably never have been so easy with another system.“

Andreas Lorenz, Head of IT Infrastructure, REGIOCAST

"Thanks to the ticket system, we are now able to give much more meaningful advice to our IT users and are significantly more adept in tracking down problems.“

Thomas Wache, Head of System Management, IMA Klessmann GmbH

"Even management have noticed that the time taken to solve problems has become remarkably shorter.“

Alexander Scholz, IT Administrator, Schloz Wöllenstein GmbH & Co. KG

Success stories

The Bavaria Cleaning Gebäudereinigungs GmbH from Munich uses KIX both as a service desk and for the order management of the cleaning teams.

The city of Freiburg is one of the first users of KIX. With the release of the opn source software, the local authority district switched from KIX4OTRS to KIX and since then has gradually integrated it into their departements.