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c.a.p.e. IT GmbH is a cross-industry specialist for business processes in IT and technical services. More than ten years of project experience form the basis of comprehensive expertise and are reflected in our open-source KIX and KIX Professional software. Both have been successfully used for years by a large number of customers and can be supplemented by numerous add-on modules.

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KIX Professional

KIX Professional is a browser-based service system for qualified IT and technical services. The range of functions includes comprehensive management of service contracts and service level agreements (SLAs) as well as many services that efficiently support the provision of services. KIX Professional is an open-source program that can be implemented quickly and supplemented with numerous add-on modules.

The principal functions range from reporting and fault management to individual order management. They include ITIL-compliant workflow management, a device database/CMBD and the integration of administration tools, as well as an integrated service portal. KIX Professional is extremely flexible in terms of its possible uses.

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KIX Professional MRO

KIX Professional MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) will support your entire overhaul and maintenance process for machines, systems, tools and related equipment as standard. Link directly to internal company processes for installation, repair and maintenance works as well as for the supply of replacement parts.

Make your work assignments more efficient, improve your service quality and save valuable resources. Operational reliability and processes become clearer. Procedures for regular certifications (TÜV, ISO) become easier.

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KIX is an open-source, browser-based system that supports various areas including the following: IT service, technical service, maintenance/overhauls and customer service. KIX software is quickly implemented and ready for use in your service team.

KIX was created in 2015 as a spin-off of OTRS 5 and is subject to GNU AGPL V3 – the same open-source license as OTRS and the KIX4OTRS module, which had been developed by c.a.p.e. IT for years. The spin-off became necessary because, with over 2000 installations worldwide, there were more than 200 feature requests for KIX4OTRS pending. These could not be implemented due to the heavy dependence on OTRS.

We offer KIX Professional in addition to the community version. The application areas vary depending on the sector and customer requirements. Compatibility between individual modules is guaranteed.

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The KIX4OTRS service-management solution provides an easy-to-use, clear basis for handling complaints, enquiries and service orders in customer-service and IT-service management. The tool handles well-defined tasks and also clearly maps corporate processes. At the same time, it can also be used as service desk software.

It can be integrated with existing CRM, DMS, ERP and PPS solutions without a problem. As an IT-based customer-service management system, KIX4OTRS is fast and cost effective to implement and has an impressively flexible, customisable and configurable basis.

KIX4OTRS is based on OTRS version 5 and will continue to be supported by c.a.p.e. IT until the end of 2018. It forms the bridge to KIX and KIX Professional, which have been the actual core products of c.a.p.e. IT since 2016.

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