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Standard features

KIX4OTRS extends standard OTRS with ergonomic interfaces, more flexible integration possibilities, additional features. We present KIX-features regularly in our newsletter. 

since KIX4OTRS 7.1

  • Help-Button as Icon/Link in Navigation bar (the help area will be extended step by step)
  • Check lists in the ticket sidebar
  • New dashlets in the Customer Information Center: more information at one view
  • Service-View in the same tree structure as Queue-View
  • Full-text search within Dynamic Fields
  • Full-text search got more tolerant: ticket number can be found without the so-called hook („T#“)
  • Blocking of selection in the ticket templates
  • Attachments as ZIP: new program code makes it faster and easier
  • Saving / Assigning of available fron-end modules to Dynamic Fields while creating Dynamic Fields
  • Trees with dependencies will be saved in the cache of the admin
  • Bcc recipients will be displayed in the ticket history (OTRS standard doesn't foresee it)
  • linked persons will be loaded at first when you need them (as text modules)
  • configuration of Dynamic Fields for KIXSidebar modules is flexible and available in the admin frontend
  • Dynamic (non)displaying of Dynamic Fields within ACLs (in dependance of more than service, type, queue)
  • Using of more customer attributes for search within the CMDB (the CI attributes within one CI class can be extended with customer-specific attributes)
  • Deleting of the standard limitation of set state in the sidebar/widget "Linked CIs"

since KIX4OTRS 6.1

  • Import/Export of ticket templates
  • displaying of ticket templates can be limited to relevant agent groups 
  • displaying of single Config Items can be limited to relevant agent groups 
  • CMDB search can be provided through ALL CI-classes (individual setting whether the search should be provided within common attributes or all attributes)
  • saving and loading of CI graph (for example with personal alignment)
  • search templates drop down in the toolbar includes now all search templates of a service agent (for tickets, CMDB and FAQ)
  • automatic subscription to search templates from a chosen search template category (individual setting)
  • new sidebar “contact information” instead of customer information (individual setting: an agent can chose which contacts should be displayed: contact data from the chosen ticket article or linked persons)
  • new sidebar “Dynamic Fields”, which provides editable information about Dynamic Fields (central configuration of the set of displayed Dynamic Fields needed, personal setting: selection of individually displayed Dynamic Fields from the configured set of DF)
  • displaying of detail information for owner and responsible (by use of the loop symbol)
  • complex filter possibilities in the sidebar “linked objects”
  • the columns in the table “linked objects” can be set individually 
  • the order of tables in the tab “linked objects” can be changed individually via drag & drop
  • displaying of personal article flags (for example ToDo) in the ticket lists
  • filter possibilities based on the personal marks / flags as for example ToDo or Important
  • displaying of the personal article marks / flags in the article details

since KIX4OTRS 5.1

  • interactive CI graph for clear overview and quick link of further CIs and for easy navigation within the IT or technical landscape
  • individually configurable column attributes within inventory lists in the CMDB
  • individually configurable column attributes in the ticket list area in the dashboard
  • hierarchical text modules for the clear sorting of single text modules within defined categories
  • „Save as Draft“ for temporary storage of e-mail answers and notes as draft
  • search templates pool for easy management of search templates for team leader and agents 
  • use of ticket templates within PostMaster-Filters for pre-classification of automatic e-mails from monitoring systems, etc. or direct assignment of automatic e-mails to check lists
  • Dynamic Fields (DropDown, List, AutoComplete) based on object-references of the customer-, agent- and company data including automatic link between person and a ticket
  • extended customer information board for showing the assigned CIs of the customer (user)
  • extended customer information board for showing detailed customer user view as in the ticket view 
  • mapping of Dynamic Fields with actions directly in the configuration of Dynamic Fields (allows choice of ticket actions directly in the DF configuration, allows setting DF as optional or obligatory)
  • colour-coded marking of linked tickets due to ticket state
  • colour-coded marking of tickets in the dashboard lists die to ticket state
  • new tab for showing pictures / photos of a configuration item (CI) in the CI detailed view
  • quick link in the CI detailed view and in the change management

since KIX4OTRS 4.3

  • performance improvement up to 60% compared to the previous versions
  • recognition and processing of external reference numbers from external systems
  • copying of customer users and agents in the administration area
  • quick link for objects with use of autocomplete functionality in the ticket tab "Linked objects"
  • search templates in the dashboard area and as virtual queues
  • individual marking of an article as for example ToDo and displaying of the marked articles as dashboard plug-in
  • re-use of article attachments within a ticket while ticket processing (e-mail-answers or notes)
  • autocomplete function during ticket merging and ticket searching
  • download of all attachments of a ticket as a zip-file
  • displaying or masking out of Dynamic Fields in accordance to workflow step due to the set ticket state or ticket type

since KIX4OTRS 4.2

  • depending Dynamic Fields
  • view "C" (Custom) next to the views „S“, „M“ and „L“ in the queue view, which can be individually set by every agent
  • Switch-Button for quick switching between agent- and customer-frontend (without any additional login)

since KIX4OTRS 4.1

  • comparing of CI version within CI detailed view

since KIX4OTRS 4.0

  • ticket tab "ticket core data" and "attachments"
  • assigned CIs while ticket processing and ticket creating
  • customer information board for displaying of customer data
  • article-related function button "article copy / move / delete" in the ticket view, single functions can be masked out in accordance to the permission conception
  • article-related function button "edit article" in the ticket view, function can be masked out in accordance to the permission conception
  • ticket-related button "merge customer tickets" which displays all open tickets of a customer and allows to merge the marked one with each other
  • ticket-related button "empty mail" in the ticket view for sending an empty mail (independently from the answer templates)
  • escalation view in the queue view
  • quick tickets (ticket templates)

since KIX4OTRS 3.5

  • queue tree in the queue view
  • text modules (HTML-formatted text templates in accordance to the ticket state, ticket type and queue)

OTRS allows to extend system with additional modules by installation within package management. Next to our additional modules, we have been developing as free community modules, we offer maintained modules that support the business service processes. Their maintenance includes free updates and module extensions.