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Advantage through integration and ergonomics. One step ahead in service with KIX4OTRS...

We have been developing KIX4OTRS since 2008. It became the biggest community module for OTRS and it is in use worldwide. In January 2016, KIX4OTRS has been released in the version 8, which is the last major version of KIX4OTRS. We will deliver bug fixes and security updates for the version up to the end of 2018. The are no further function releases planned.

Based on KIX4OTRS 8, which requires OTRS 5, KIX has been introduced as a software fork (split). The split was necessary, because we had more than 200 feature requests for KIX4OTRS from over 2000 installations worldwide. The feature requests couldn't have been developed due to the strong dependance on OTRS. Even if KIX4OTRS promoted innovation, the development of the OTRS-based software seemed to be kept in the traffic jam at the innovation level.

Our focus was set on improvements of ergonomics and enhancement of integration and functionality possibilities of the standard OTRS. KIX4OTRS has been developed based on the customer requirements, realized community wishes and our own ideas.

Highlights for the Customer Care

  • creating, editing and searching of customer data and customer requests including easily managed text templates and standard ticket templates
  • possibility to integrate ERP systems (access to the order and delivery information) and web shop data bases
  • possibility to integrate CRM and groupware
  • integrated workflow for taking over information from ticket processing into the knowledge data base 

Highlights for the IT service

  • creating, editing and searching for staff / employees data and their IT user requests
  • possibility to integrate AD / LDAP
  • interactive maintenance of inventory and trackability of incidents and problems related to tools or devices managed by the IT department (PCs, Notebooks, Switches, etc.)
  • possibility to integrate SAM software and Desktop-Remote-Tools
  • creating and management of complete service tree including service contracs

Highlights for the technical service

  • creating, editing and searching for data and requests of the staff / employees and customers
  • interactive mapping of technical landscape (tools, machinery, mechanical elements) int he flexible configuration item data base
  • management of the complete documentation of devices / items including all attachments, incidents, problems and maintenance processing
  • special use within the medical care for medical devices from hospitals and special purpose association

Technical aspects

  • available in 32 languages
  • compatible with ITIL® V3 
  • web-based and platform independent
  • scalable
  • data bases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, ODBC
  • server: Linux
  • easily to extend with OTRS maintained modules, free community modules, customer-specific extensions

Spreading (as from May 2015)

  • no licence costs
  • more than 2,000 installations
  • in use by small and medium-sized enterprises, corporations, medical care organisations, public institutions

Test & Download

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