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KIX / KIX Professional

The new standard for servicedesk

KIX is the open source, browser-based system and supports following areas: IT service, technical service, maintenance and repair, customer service. KIX can be implemented quickly and therefore, it is fit for service for your team.

Beyond the community version, we offer also KIX Professional. The application areas are different depending on the focus of your business. The compatibility of additional modules for KIX Professional is guaranteed.

KIX (Community): ein browserbasierter, Open Source HelpDeskKIX Professional unterstützt unter anderem die Bereiche: IT-Service, Technischer Service, Instandhaltung/Wartung und Kundendienst
KIXKIX Professional

KIX origins are in 2015 - as fork of OTRS 5 - and it has the same open source licence as OTRS and KIX4OTRS (the biggest community module for OTRS developed by us), it's GNU AGPL V3. The split was necessary, because we had more than 200 feature requests for KIX4OTRS from over 2000 installations worldwide. The feature requests couldn't have been developed due to the strong dependance on OTRS. Even if KIX4OTRS promoted innovation, the development of the OTRS-based software seemed to be kept in the traffic jam at the innovation level.

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