Regardless of what software configuration you want to use to support your service teams, we help you map your processes and work flows with our system. Our focus is on minimising follow-up and update costs.

Thanks to our many years of experience, our service team is ideally suited to help you with this. Just contact us.


Do you already use KIX or KIX Professional to support your service team, but now have new requirements in your daily operations? Do you want to see your own ideas for optimising your service tasks reflected in the system, or have you noticed performance bottlenecks or identified the need to integrate new service providers?

Just ask us. Our team of experts will actively support you in formulating and implementing your requirements in a targeted manner.


Do you already work with KIX or KIX Professional, but you don’t yet have all the necessary data available in the right place in the work process? Are you looking for customer or contract data and delivered products, or do you need up-to-date information from network monitoring?

This is exactly where our expertise comes into play, because our system offers a variety of interfaces for data integration. We help you find relevant data sources, formulate the appropriate interface requirements and take care of the entire implementation.


Have you been using KIX or KIX Professional for a long time to support your service team, but are still using a version that is no longer supported and for which there are no more bug fixes (patch releases)? Or have you made your own adjustments to your system that are causing problems?

We will be happy to support you in updating and cleaning up your system. Based on our many years of practical experience, we know exactly which update procedure would be best for you and can give you useful suggestions for optimisation.

Flexible on-demand support

The scope of services of a prepaid package includes the following activities, among others:

  • Consulting and support for ITIL and IT service management
  • Consulting, conception and support in the OTRS/KIX application environment
  • Adaptation, development and integration of the OTRS/KIX application
  • Workshops and training for the OTRS/KIX application