KIX for basic IT security

New security management module available…

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Feature Release 17.3

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Preview: Trade Fairs and Conferences 2018

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Chemnitz Linux Days

This year, our stand was all about our new KIX and KIX Professional …

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Our strength lies in recognising (cernere)your requirements, providing comprehensive support (auxiliari) in all necessary processes and much more. We guarantee (promittere) short implementation times and the highest possible level of innovation in the development (evolvere) of your tailor-made software solution, with which you will always be a step ahead of your competitors! = c.a.p.e.

"Cape IT offered us more flexibility than we might have expected from large providers."

Frank Dressel, IT Manager, SHKRO Rodewisch

"It’s definitely a relationship of colleagues. They take us seriously, understand our problems and plans, and help us along.“

Dieter Stolte, IT-Service; Deutsche BKK, Wolfsburg

"c.a.p.e. IT has always been quick in creating the right implementation for our ideas. This level of customisation based on our ideas would probably never have been so easy with another system.“

Andreas Lorenz, Head of IT Infrastructure, REGIOCAST

"Thanks to the ticket system, we are now able to give much more meaningful advice to our IT users and are significantly more adept in tracking down problems.“

Thomas Wache, Head of System Management, IMA Klessmann GmbH

"Even management have noticed that the time taken to solve problems has become remarkably shorter.“

Alexander Scholz, IT Administrator, Schloz Wöllenstein GmbH & Co. KG

Services & Products


We conduct a comprehensive on-site analysis of your requirements and work with you to create a transparent concept for your individual service management system.

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We actively support you during implementation. We adapt your system exactly to your requirements, structures and processes and prepare you for working with your new service tool.

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By virtue of our specialisation and many years of project experience, we know exactly what to do in the event of a fault and have quick answers to your questions regarding usage and configuration. Depending on the agreement, we can even offer 24/7 availability!

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We are a supplier and service provider of KIX and KIX Professional open-source software. These powerful, tailor-made tools enable ITIL-compliant control as well as significantly more effective design of IT and technical services.

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